A strong foundation builds a solid future

Talent for Schools is an organization dedicated to helping Early Learning and Charter Schools find support staff to help children. To this end, we believe in fostering win/win business partnerships that benefit schools & local businesses allowing them to deliver outstanding services to young children. 

Our Business Sponsorship program allows local community businesses, professionals & vendors to support a school by donating $55 to help schools achieve their staffing needs. 

Support Quality education for our children 

Make an immediate impact with a local school 

Expose your business to hundreds of schools &  vistors

display your company logo on our website

sponsor A school for $55

  • Marketing Exposure

    • Shared logos on web sites including Talent for Schools​

    • Social Media Exposure

    • Generates good word of mouth (the BEST form of advertising!) 

    • Encouragement of people using these businesses to patronize each other

    • Increased awareness

  • Low Cost - Great Benefit!

  • Let your community know you care about children's education

  • Schools get FREE use of our Talent Portal 

Benefits of Business Sponsorship Program

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