Life After College: Expectation vs. Reality

Those “Expectation vs. Reality” memes are always so hilarious. Well, usually… until they describe your current situation a little too perfectly. That moment you realize your life is the butt of the joke is never fun. One time I specifically remember this happening to me was right after graduating from college.

You know that period I’m talking about. Everyone is so happy for you, you’re feeling accomplished and unstoppable, and you have the next year all planned out. Or… maybe you don’t. It really doesn’t matter to be honest. Either way, everything is definitely not going to go according to plan.

Say you’ve been preparing and applying to countless jobs in your career field (and a few outside of it… just as back-up of course) for months. You graduate and more months go by. Your graduation money is running out. Then, low and behold, you get an interview! But wait; It’s from one of the back-up jobs. Why aren’t the jobs in your field calling you? You’re qualified! You graduated! It’s been a whole two months!

Well, if you’re thinking like the latter, that’s the first problem. Cut yourself some slack and realize you are not alone. Some people do get lucky and get their dream job right away. But most do not, and it has nothing to do with your not being good enough.

Another contributing factor is that many college grads aren’t properly taught how to market themselves. You may know how qualified you are for your dream job but the important thing is to let employers know just how much you bring to the table.

Luckily, Talent For Schools offers free job-seeker sessions! The goal of these sessions is to help you learn to show professionals what you’re working with.

We review your resume to see what could be improved upon. We even help you build your profile to start getting jobs through the TFS Talent Portal; and more! The struggle is real and I understand it all too well. We can help!

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